Florida Surf Film Festival

Friday evening, the festival began with a “love letter to the ocean” with Emocean, from director Tony Harrington.  He delivered without question, heat lighting in the sky behind the screen, elegant lines, and interviews with personalities that don’t always get to hold a microphone.  It was a fantastic film to kick off the final installment for the year.

Charging in behind was White Rhino, a photographic look at three of the largest swells to move around mother Earth in the last five years, with interviews about getting boats out to Teahupoo during a ban, to getting blown out of the best five minute, one-wave session ever.  We were even treated to an enthusiastic Q &A with director Brent Storm, deftly handled by Co-Founder and Festival Director, John Brooks, and Surf Splendor Podcast Network’s own David Scales.